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Synthol, Steroids, And Bodybuilding With Gregg Valentino

Edit, storyline, a documentary about the use and effects of steroids. That's not to take away from the naturals who work brutally hard in the gym. Health hazards, steroids are

highly addictive. Gregg Valentino as our first guest. In a typical gym, you will only find 1-3 non-users out of 20 trainers. . In 2008, steroid users consisted of 50 athletes and 50 regular people. One of the most raw and rebellious men to ever come out of the bodybuilding industry. I had never seen anyone grow like that even with the use of steroids. He is the author of "Dunk, Doubles, Doping" and "Get Wet, Get Fit." He lives in Lake Tapps, Washington.  All it does is produce mass. Greg Valentino has earned worldwide fame and become an Internet. Why is it so easy to become a Mike Tyson lookalike? The numbers have increased dramatically. Steroids are nowhere near cheap. Valentino has become a, youTube sensation garnering the attention. To this day, some of his family and loved ones still don't know that he was a user. And they sit around talking about how they stay in shape, what they eat, drink and gabble the endorsement money from companies paying them to trout their products like weight-loss supplements, exercise equipment, work-out clothes. They can be purchased through various websites that ship out of Asia, Europe and South America.

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Quality steroids can cost from 80 to 160 a vial, sometime much more. But I also noticed their behavior change. The catastrophic side effects of longterm use was well known. Steroids are such an effective drug that you will never win first place without. Within 2 weeks, he was 185 lbs. Everyone wants to compete in bodybuilding competitions and have their five minutes of fame. Kelly Ripka, for instance. Though steroids are widely used in the police force, police come into gyms hoping to score themselves a drug dealer. He is the author of the popular column "Ramblin' Freak" in "Muscular Development Magazine.

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I went to winny gyms for thirty years without any temptation to try steroids. Plot Summary, add Synopsis, genres: Documentary, parents Guide: Add content advisory for parents edit. Our society's common sense is gone. We live in a fast food era, where everything is at our finger tips and now that fitness has become a big trend, people want it fast as well. People resort to anabolic steroids when they want to get bigger than is humanly possible for them without. However, if you are not introduced by someone with standing, they will never sell to you or admit to using. Soon as the user quits, all that extra mass turns to flab.

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