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When I got home, I still had most of the new muscle I'd gained, and both thai girls were still there, but well and truly moved. I've never eaten so

much protein before or since, and I was going through kilos of whey. Side Effects, perhaps, turinabol is one of the safest steroids in terms of side effects, and it is often compared to Anavar and Primobolan in this precise aspect. Turinabol, also known as Tbol. You can proly get more then that if you eat right and run a simple test only cycle. Unlike dianabol, tbol requires some time and patience for the results to be seen. Therefore, this is an anabolic androgenic steroid (AAS) that absolutely deserves to get the right attention. Reply With", 12:53 AM #5, originally Posted by staeb well can i get 8-12 pounds on? This was my first ever cycle so some info on me before we come to the results. Turinabol, also known as Tbol, is the dream oral steroid of those wanting to experience the effectiveness of the legendary dianabol coupled with the safety of anavar. They were both phoning her all the time, and she was lieing that she was working in a flat in wales. I am 22 years, and. However, there are some athletes who try to achieve perfect levels of the active substance in the blood by splitting the dosage in two parts taken every 12 hours.

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As by its nature one of the primary functions of the hormonal compound is in its synergetic nature with anadrol pill other anabolic steroids. Reply With", 06:19 AM #18 Do you run test with the Tbol or do you run it as post cycle therapy (pct). Consequently, Jenapharm has ceased the production of turinabol in 1994, and even though this company was later acquired by Schering AG in 1996, this steroid never returned to the bodybuilding scene as a pharma-grade AAS. This was my first ever cycle so some info on me before we come to the results. In spite of the fact that turinabol is often regarded as a cutting steroid, it would be more correct to call it a lean gainer or clean bulker.